[Guest feature] How to save the world with every sip?

Everyone is being made increasingly aware of the menace unleashed by single use plastic straws. Wouldn’t it be perfect if we had an organic and eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws so that we could enjoy our favourite beverages, guilt-free? A Bengaluru based startup has made this possible.

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[Guest feature] Do genetically modified crops deserve a second chance?

Genetic modifications (GMOs) are essential for the future of agriculture, environmental stability, and the fight against climate change. Despite their importance, the world is fearful of and reluctant to acknowledge the benefits of GMOs. This is due in part by the media’s spread of misinformation regarding GMOs and a public misunderstanding of the science behind them. Should the GM crops be given a second chance?

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[Guest feature] What goes down your drain?

If you spot a stain on your kitchen tile, toilet, floor, table or utensil, your first course of action would be to use a chemical cleaner to make the items sparkling clean yet again. Ever wondered what happens to these chemicals once you flush them down the drain through the kitchen sink or your toilets?

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