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Do you relate to the cause of environmental conservation? Interested in writing a guest post to motivate others? 👋 Don’t hesitate to reach out using the form.

Generic contribution guidelines

While the blog is mostly free-form and you have the freedom to speak your heart out, but it should address the following:

  • Title: Do you have a short (5-6 words) title to describe the article contents?
  • Motivation: What made you attempt to take actions and do something when no one else would care?
  • Resources: What does it take to pull-off an environmental conservational drive? Money, work-force, physical strength? What if, someone is lacking some or all of those?
  • Hardships: What hardships did you face? Why did you choose NOT to give up?
  • Results: A BEFORE and AFTER pic showing the outcome of your efforts. Additionally, you can also provide Youtube links for video demonstrations of your efforts and results.

DISCLAIMER: Please understand that the sole purpose of this blog is to bring together people from across the world who are trying very hard to do their part for conserving mother nature. So, NO HATE SPEECH and only true content. You can read our guidelines for further instructions.

Feel like you are ready to contribute? Send us a message:

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