We are a small team of people who have come together because we all care about our environment.

Kshitij Tiwari, Ph.D.

Founder | Roboticist | Book Author

A roboticist by profession and founder of this venture, I am keen on bringing together the people from across the world who are doing their part in saving the nature. Currently, I am based out of Finland in the EU.

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Anupam Tiwari, Ph.D.

Co-Founder | H.R. Professional | Counselor | Healer

An H.R. professional with over 32 years of Corporate experience overseeing the development of this venture. Currently, I am based out of Madhya Pradesh, India and run a private practice whereby I provide Counseling and Healing to those seeking to unleash their full potential.

Contact: Personal Website; Email

Pranshu Patel

Content Writing (Volunteer)

An environmental science graduate with a passion for climate change and sustainability. I am volunteering as a Content Writer and currently, I am based in Gujarat, India.

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