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This blog consists of articles highlighting the efforts of those #eco-warriors (organizations and individuals) who have taken it upon themselves to help conserve nature (or whats left of it). Below is a list of such considerate folks who have contributed guest blog(s) to this website.


Aditi Deodhar

Founder at Brown Leaf Forum

Brown Leaf is the forum for eco-friendly management of dry leaves. Every year, leaves shed by the trees are burnt. It causes air pollution and destroys valuable nutrients that should have gone back to the soil. brown Leaf works towards the vision that “Not a single dry leaf should be burnt in India”, for a clean air and healthy soils for the future generations. 

Contact: Website ; Aditi Deodhar (Founder)

Mr. Naman Gupta

Director at Code Effort Pvt. Ltd.

Code Effort Private Limited is India’s #1 cigarette waste management and recycling organization. Code uses the most environmentally responsible methods and procedures for recycling the cigarette waste and manufactures multiple by- products like handicrafts, cushions, soft toys, mosquito repellents, etc. Code Effort Private Limited is an ISO 9001: 2015 QMS certified organization which stands as a benchmark for quality. 

Contact: Website ; Naman Gupta (Director)

Mr. Uttam Banerjee

CEO/Founder at Ekam Eco Solutions

In Sanskrit, Ekam means One. At Ekam Eco, we build sustainable sanitation solutions that are One with the Earth. We want to minimize sewage, make cleaning safe, and save water. We’ve built various technologies, processes, and products to realize our goals. Among them are CARE natural cleaners that make cleaning safe, Zerodor Waterless urinals that help save water, and services for effective Fecal Sludge Management and Kitchen Composting.

Contact: Website; Uttam Banerjee (CEO and founder)

Self Help Groups (SHGs) & Firms:

Paterson Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Plastic waste recycling firm based in Tamil Nadu, India

Paterson Energy through its innovative Thermo-chemical Depolymerization, a zero emission and zero discharge process, recycles and mitigate plastic waste to derive a highly usable form of industrial fuel ; thereby reducing the usage of fossil fuels at the same time giving effective solution to plastic waste. Thus, achieving Carbon neutrality of the global energy system sooner.

Contact: Website; Email

The Odd Gumnut

Organic Permaculture Farm in Maharashtra, India

The Odd Gumnut is a permaculture farm nestled in the mountains of Panchgani in the Western Ghats. The farm is a hub of activity and education for the area — running farm tours, workshops on low-impact self-reliant living, and accredited 72 hours Permaculture Design Courses. The Odd Gumnut co-founded an weekly organic farmers’ market (Redstone Organic Market) to encourage local farmers to convert to organic. Their commercial kombucha brand – Rise Up Kombucha – participates in the circular economy and is a zero-waste business. This October, they will launch an environmental film festival (All Living Things Environmental Film Festival – ALT EFF) as part of a continued effort to make Panchgani a hub of ecological tourism. 

Contact: Website; Email

Evlogia Eco Care Pvt. Ltd.

Eco-friendly straw manufacturers based in Bengaluru, India

Evlogia Eco Care is a Bangalore based startup that presents with eco-friendly and healthy innovations, meant for daily use, by common people.

Contact: Website; Email

Believe in GMO (BIG)

A small group of Master students on a mission to ease people’s negative perspective of GM crops by providing positive and honest information in an aesthetically pleasing and accessible manner. 

Contact: Website; Email

AMB Ecosteryl

Medical waste treatment firm based in Belgium

AMB Ecosteryl is a Belgian company designing and manufacturing equipment for the treatment of biomedical waste. Ecosteryl technology has revolutionized the medical waste treatment & recycling industry by providing an environmentally friendly, simple, and reliable solution for the industry; thereby allowing the infectious medical waste to be shredded and decontaminated in a high-security environment. AMB Ecosteryl’s machines require only a small amount of energy, fewer staff, no water, no steam, and produce zero toxic waste. 

Contact: Website; Olivier Dufrasne (VP)


India’s only ISO certified Hydroponic farming company

India’s leading clean food solution provider, FutureFarmsTM , founded in Chennai, designs and implements turnkey hydroponic solutions for large-scale commercial farming.

Contact: Website; Suhail Ismail (AVP Marketing)

Big Clean Switch

Switches homes and businesses to green energy in the U.K.

Big Clean Switch works with some of the U.K.’s most influential organisations to make it affordable and easy for homes and businesses to reduce their energy footprint. Currently, their focus is on helping homes and businesses switch over to a green energy supplier. For home energy switching, they offer a platform that enables individuals to get tailored quotes for a panel of vetted green energy suppliers and then switch there and then. On average, users save over £230 per year.

Contact: Website ; Ollie Wilson (Campaign Director)

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