Can smart labels reduce perishable food waste?

Perishable food waste from the harvesting stage till it reaches the consumer is very high. Studies are inadequate in analyzing the causal factors of food losses in this context. Manufacturers often assume that something will go wrong in the supply chain or even in our homes and so they build in a shorter date to compensate for this. But most of us will keep food better than what the food manufacturer expects and so good food ends up being wasted. What if we could fix this using smart labels?

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[Guest feature] Why we should not burn dry leaves?

Come winter, and our streets, footpaths, building premises, rooftops, any horizontal surface in the sight is covered with dry leaves. From time to time, we sense acrid smoke coming from neighbor’s backyard, from the side of the street, where leaves are being burnt. But the leaves are bio-degradable and with time will eventually decompose to go back to soil. So, is there really a need to burn the dry leaves?

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[Guest feature] What goes down your drain?

If you spot a stain on your kitchen tile, toilet, floor, table or utensil, your first course of action would be to use a chemical cleaner to make the items sparkling clean yet again. Ever wondered what happens to these chemicals once you flush them down the drain through the kitchen sink or your toilets?

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