[Guest feature] Can pyrolysis help to tackle the plastic pollution?

Plastic pollution has become a major concern for many organisations and institutions. One of the ways to recycle the non-degradable plastics is through a process called, pyrolysis. Paterson Energy have been utilizing this method to successfully and sustainably convert plastic waste to plastic oil.

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­How can circular economy help the food system?

The current linear food system has led to a lot of environmental and social issues. One third of the food produced globally is wasted every year while 10% of the population goes hungry. A circular food system reduces the food waste and makes healthier products for the people and the planet.

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Do you know the dark side of renewable energy?

The energy markets all over the world are transitioning to renewable energies where wind and solar power are the most popular. The article talks about how such large amounts of PV modules and wind turbines need to be disposed and recycled properly to keep them viable environment friendly options.

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