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How to have a green wedding?

Weddings are considered to be auspicious and most important event in one’s life. It involves months of planning by the family members and the event planners, especially in India, where “big fat weddings” are most common. But these grand celebrations create a lot of wastes; be it single-use plastics, floral décor, left over food and so on. India’s wedding market is rising annually by 25%, while China’s market is growing by 7.8% annually. According to the NGO Feeding India, almost 20% of the food gets wasted from an average Indian wedding (i.e. 200-300 kgs of food waste), which amounts to USD 14 billion worth of meals. Also reports from 2019 shows that in Britain 245,513 weddings took place generating almost 4,910 tonnes of single use plastics.

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