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How is the Farm-to-Table movement promoting Sustainability?

Cleanliness is said to go hand-in-hand with godliness and this saying proves to be truer than ever at a time like this while the world battles a pandemic. But it does not end there. Over the past year people have started paying closer attention to the quality of hygiene in their surroundings, investing in more advanced technology to help them lead a cleaner, healthier lifestyle and most importantly paying attention to what they consume. Now more than ever, the Farm-to-Table movement, popularly known as the ‘ Farm-to-Fork ‘ movement, and certain aspects of it have started to become more popular because of a growing need to eat better, healthier, fresher produce. The key is to understand what this movement aims to achieve and how can one start small by imbibing from it the key factors and practicing them to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

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