[Guest feature] Do genetically modified crops deserve a second chance?

Genetic modifications (GMOs) are essential for the future of agriculture, environmental stability, and the fight against climate change. Despite their importance, the world is fearful of and reluctant to acknowledge the benefits of GMOs. This is due in part by the media’s spread of misinformation regarding GMOs and a public misunderstanding of the science behind them. Should the GM crops be given a second chance?

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How to recycle tender and mature coconuts?

On a scorching hot summer day, what’s better to quench your thirst than with coconut water? Coconut water is known to have a lot of health benefits and some people even like to have it daily (in moderation). Not only this, a fully mature (brown) coconut is also used as offering to the Gods inContinue reading “How to recycle tender and mature coconuts?”

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