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[Guest feature] How to save the world with every sip?

‘It’s just a straw’, one might say, but hold on! Have you really given it a thought? Ever wondered how the use of one straw, by one human, for one year straight, itself can yield such a huge pile of unwanted stash? Do you have any idea of what harm it causes to the marine ecosystem? If that didn’t put things in perspective then think about it this way – do you really think that a few minutes of convenience justifies the ‘need’ for 21,000 straws to be used by 1 person across their lifetime? Statistics suggest that 7.5 million plastic straws pollute and line the shores of the United States annually. Of course, the figures for shores around the world is even more daunting. In the years since the alarming revelation, awareness has been raised and efforts have been taken to combat the crisis. Are there organic and eco-friendly alternatives to plastic straws that can help save the planet with every sip?

As an initiative to this wake-up call, Evlogia Eco Care Pvt. Ltd. has resorted to making straws from the bountiful palm leaves. Afterall, if the leaves are simply piling up, people would be tempted to burn them which can create a whole bunch of problems. So why not use them effectively to come up with organic straws for guilt-free sipping of your beverages?

Why organic straws?

Kokos Leafy straws as they are being called are 100% biodegradable, and made from fallen and dried palm leaves thereby helping to transform agricultural waste into wealth. With a shelf life of 1 year, they are available in different sizes and remain intact in liquids for more than 6 hours. What more? No two straws will ever be the same and its natural aesthetics means that you can do away with any external coating making it naturally biodegradable. Moreover, made at the hands of women of rural India, thereby generating employment opportunities, these straws are SGS Lab certified. They also comply with US FDA and European Union direct food contact norms.


Published by Evlogia Eco Care

We are a startup company that comes up with Eco-friendly and healthy innovations meant for daily use by common people. We believe that the earth is not just our home but a boon granted to us by creation. Evlogia’s goal is to provide the world with alternatives to plastic and other non-biodegradable articles used in homes, offices, hotels and other places. Tapping into the knowledge, expertise and creativity of people who believe in working towards a sustainable world. Evlogia has already come up with the patented Leafy Straws. This is an alternative to plastic straws, made entirely out of fallen palm leaves.

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