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How sustainable are you?

Have you ever wondered if there is a metric or a grade that defines how sustainable you truly are? Is it just black-and-white i.e., either you are sustainable or you are not? Turns out there is more to this story that what meets the eye. Meet the sustainability spectrum, a continuum that helps you progress up the degree of sustainability and adapt suitable lifestyle changes.

The Sustainability Spectrum

  • Ignorant: Someone who claims that they do not bother about sustainability as they either lack the time or money and choose to ignore the issue instead. This is the lowest end of the spectrum yielding unsustainable consumerism and destruction of ecosystem.
  • Aspirant: Someone who acknowledges the problem of unsustainable practices leading to environmental disbalance, wants to do something about it but does not know where to start.
  • Clicktivist: Someone who acknowledges the environmental problems, is aware of the of the unsustainable practices and is willing to curate or sign petitions to rally people for it. There are several social petitions on websites such as and although they are often seen to yield mixed responses (some say the petitions result in actions whilst others claim this to be a meager waste of their time).
  • Activist: Just like a clicktivist, an activist is a person who raises their voice and prefers to raise their concerns in person as opposed to doing so on the internet. Such people also work to spread awareness amongst masses especially trying to reach out to the lowest strata of society that remain aloof from the digital world even in today’s era.
  • Doer: Someone who has already undertaken adaptive measures to change their own lifestyle. The impact is localized to ones own family and household but such real personal changes are already underway at this stage. Consider this as a pilot project that yields proof for the concepts you have in mind to attain sustainability and tells you more about how to enhance them and their expected results. This could include practices like rain-water harvesting, kitchen waste composting, etc.
  • Trendsetter: Someone who has put on the cap of an eco-warrior, has decoded the sustainable way of life, has implemented the changes within their own household and are now set out to educate others and expand the outreach. Someone who wants to attain total paradigm shift towards a completely sustainable way of life and wants to help others in doing the same through workshops, seminars, social media and other similar platforms and forums.

The knowledge of sustainable practices is not something worth guarding as a secret but is something to be imparted amongst masses (not necessarily for monetary gains) for the greater good of the ecosystem. Hopefully, you are making efforts to move towards the right side of the spectrum i.e., either as a Doer or as a Trendsetter.


Published by Kshitij Tiwari

Roboticist, martial artist, solo traveler, environmentalist

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